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      Arillas is a cosmopolitan coastal center, gifted with an extended sandy beach that is surrounded by two peninsulas.   Additionally,   the view to the three islets across the settlement shall definitely enchant you.
      According to some interpretations of Homer, it was either here or in San Stefanos that Odysseus, after spending seven   years on   the Isle of Othoni, was shipwrecked and washed up naked on the sea shore. Nearby, Princess Nausica and   her  hand maidens were washing their clothes and bathing.
      It seems that Nausica was rather taken by Odysseus, whilst her maids ran away in terror. Nausicaa then led him to the   Palace to   meet her father King Alkinous, and Odysseus was very surprised by the lush gardens. Homer also writes of   Nausicaa's grief when   Odysseus left. Prehistoric evidence exists in the area of a very early civilization that has so far not   been dated but must be   thousands of years old.



  Agios Stefanos       



   Agios Stefanos i s a charming little village as friendly and as safe as you could possibly imagine.
  Here are many swimming pools and bars around and the beach is of beautiful golden sand offering water sports.
  Almost any accomodation in this village is nearby the beach so there is no treks to get there.
  If you are the more adventurous type then there is plenty of walks with superb scenery and views. there are three   supermarkets in the village so if you are self catering there is no problem and if eating out there is plenty of choice.
  Nightlife in this village isnt really for party goers although athens bar and condor would suit you if you are.
  If you wish to have quirter evenings then this is definately the right place. i would recommend michalis' bar opposite  nafsika   for quieter evenings and also nafsika itself. there is so much to do and if you fancy taking a look round more of  the island   there are car rental places and also boat and coach trips.
 The weather in the summer is very good though on the odd ocasion it may rain but in going there for a fortnight for the last  twelve years this has only happened on about 5 different days.There a plenty of swimming pools around all of them  having   bars which also offer snacks.for accomodation i would recommend hotel nafsika or manthos appartments as they  are close   to the beach and the facilities are excellent.
 If you are looking for a great holiday that is peaceful and relaxing, this is the place for you. corfu and aghios stefanos is an  amazing place to visit it is no wonder why many people go back year after year just as i do and i believe that if you go you   will want to do the same.


  Hotels in Agios Stefanos :
Casa Delfino   




   Acharavi is located on a long, sandy/pebble beach with crystal, clear, blue and green waters between Kassiopi and    Roda. It   is the ideal place for enjoyable and relaxing holidays.
   In Acharavi you can find a good choice of restaurants, traditional   taverns, shops, bars and a disco which can ensure an    enjoyable night life. Transfer from airport approx. 2hrs


  It is not just a resort though, many of the locals visit Acharavi on a regular basis as there is a post office, dentist and   doctors. You will also find shops such as hardware stores and flower shops.
  Acharavi has plenty of Tavernas and bars, and   a good, long, sandy beach.
  Behind the resort, set in the hills are excellent walking paths.
  These have recently been cleared   and are part of the Corfu trail.  The shops in the main town are situated either side of   the   main road which runs through   Acharavi.
  Little streets run off of this road down to the beach where you will find many of the beach Tavernas and bars.



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