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Walking & Rambling in Corfu

    The Corfu "Walks" are walking trails through the finest areas of the Greek Island of Corfu. Following inland tracks and cobbled paths, the trail undulates through willow, cedar and olive grove forest, alongside rivers and through lush pastures. Experience: coastal tracks, ridges,  fantastic views from the island's mountains, historic sights you pass include monasteries, there are ample opportunities for refreshing swims to cool down in the deep turquoise coloured Mediterranean Sea.

    Walk 1.  Sidari - Ortriches Farm - Ypsili Monastery - Cape Drastis - Canan D'Amour - Sidari

    Walk starts from Sidari then walk trhrough olive groves on North Corfu Hills and visit an Ostriches farm in unique corfu nature enviroment.Then meet the 17th century Monastery of Ypsili Theotoko, which is on the top of the highest hill in the area. After 3-4 Kilometers walking on local paths and tracks you will experience Cape Drastis the northern part of Corfu surrounded by lush vegetation and many small islands and beaches. Let the beauty of Cape Drastis to take your breath away. From there walk to famous Canal D'Amour with several rock formations that form the wonderful environment. They are scattered here and there in the clear blue Ionian Sea, separated by the water. Sidari is close by where the walk ends.



    Walk 2.  Sidari - Agios Stefanos - Arillas

    This walk starts from Sidari, going uphill you enjoy beautiful views of the North part of Corfu Island, as well as towards the northeast. Where the olive groves end, wild growth and virgin forest of tree-heather, stone-oaks, broom, gorse and cypresses take over. Soon you will see the first target, the monastery of Ypsili Theotoko. You will approach the village of Avliotes, Agios Stefanos is not far, at the end you will get to Arillas resort where you can enjoy a drink at a local cafe with fantastic views. Transport back to Sidari can be arranged. The same walk can start from Arillas to Sidari.



    Walk 3.  Gastouri - Sissy's House - Platanos - Agia Kyriaki - Achilleion Palace

    1/2 - 3hrs
    Rating: Moderate

    A pleasantly walk for young and old. Our walk begins at Gastouri Village and progresses towards Agia Kyriaki chapel. The village of Gastouri is set amid beautiful scenery on a green hillside. The village was built on the slopes of the mountain Agioi Deka and it has points of unique view, like Bella Vista and Belvedere.
    The picturesque village chosen by the Emperess of Aystria, Sissy, to find peace and the appropriate climate  that would be beneficial for her damaged health.
    We walk through the tiled streets with the stone mansions. 
    On the way you will meet the house where  the Emperess Sissy  lived.  Later we will meet the Sissy's Springs.
    Finally we will reach the highest top of the mountain where the views are stunning.
    You will be spellbound by stupendous views over rural villages, fertile terraces, vineyards and the different hues of the Ionian Sea.
    The walks ends back at Gastouri where you will have the chance to visit Achilleion Palace.

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Read more about Rambling & Walking in Corfu >>








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